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Regardless of what stage of your dental career you feel you are at, here in Winchester we have a dental course available for everyone. Whether you’re just starting out as an aspiring Dental Nurse, excelling as a dental hygienist, or fully qualified as a delta therapist, there is always something new to learn with Dental Arch. 

Learn and earn as a qualified dental nurse today with the help of Dental Arch. Lowest course fees available with no hidden costs, so that you can focus on what matters. If Winchester is out of your reach, we also offer opportunities to learn in London with some classes taking place in London and Winchester. 

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Available Winchester Dental Courses

All of the dental courses held here at Dental Arch’s Winchester venue are led by fully trained professionals who are well respected in their industry and masters in the field of dental practice which they teach. 

Dental Arch offers a selection of Winchester-based training courses suitable for beginners in the dental practice, perfect for nurses who are unsure of the field of dentistry that they wish to study or still deciding whether they want to pursue a dental career at all. 

Beginner Dental Training Courses in Winchester 

In order to progress as a Dental Nurse and take part in any of our Dental Training Courses, we require our students to take part in a National Diploma in Dental Nursing. And after the year-long study is complete all students will then be registered under the General Dental Council (GDC), this allows you to participate in whichever beginner courses you choose.

Our beginner dental training courses all comply with the regulations and syllabus of the National Examining Board of Dental Nurses (NEBDN). These Winchester-based training courses are a great way to enhance your skills and knowledge in the Dental industry, opening the doors to take more advanced courses in the future, and further your career as a dental professional. 

Basic Life Support

One of the most useful training courses you can take is the Basic Life Support training course. This course will teach you about The Theory of Resuscitation, How to manage specific Incidents, Basic Life Support routines, how to put somebody in the Recovery Position, the basics of Emergency Conditions & Drugs, and how to safely use a Defibrillator.

Impressions Taking

We offer a basic, Dental Impression taking the course, here in Winchester, which is a perfect stepping stone for any Dental career path. Read more about our Impressions Taking Course on the dedicated training page.

Fluoride Application

Knowing how to safely and effectively apply fluoride to a patient’s teeth is a very basic skill that will open the student up to many different dentistry paths in the future, learn more about our Fluoride Application certification here.

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Postgraduate Dental Nurse Courses in Winchester

After completing any suitable beginner courses, and becoming registered under the General Dental Council, it is now time to further your Dental Career and start thinking about which specific paths you might go down, or which areas of your knowledge you’d like to improve upon. 

Dental Radiology Course

This Dental Radiology course is a Winchester-based post-graduation course teaching students the main principles of Radiation Physics, along with important factors regarding Radiation Protection, you will be taught how to use X-ray apparatus and equipment, as well as the basics of Film types, intensifying screens, darkroom requirements and processing, Film types and their uses, Digital imaging elements will also be covered as part of this post-graduation dental course. 

Oral Health Education Course

We offer all Winchester Dental students a post-graduate course regarding oral health and education, to offer a further insight into Dental Health and further our graduate’s understandings. More can be read about this course on the oral health education page.

Dental Nurse Implant Course

In this Winchester-based course, you will learn how to apply for surgical and restorative assistance during the many stages of implant treatment. you will be taught about implant biomechanics, and enhance your ability to communicate effectively with patients to explain these complex treatments. 

Dental Sedation Course

All qualified dental nurses looking to further their dental understanding and capabilities are offered a Dental Sedation course, which will take place here in Winchester, head over to the respective page to read more.

If you’re a qualified dental nurse, our Winchester postgraduate courses are the perfect next step for you, book yourself in a class today! 

If you are based in Winchester, whether it’s Harnham, Bemerton, Hampton or Laverstock, and you would like to pursue further qualifications for a career in dental nursing, then feel free to get in touch using the contact form below.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here in Winchester, we offer an incredible variety of different Dental Training courses for all levels and abilities. We have a wide range of Dental training courses suitable for beginners, as well as a strong selection of postgraduate courses for qualified dentists looking for a good next step in their career.

In order to sit any of our beginner dental training courses here in Winchester, we require you to pass a year-long National Diploma in Dental Nursing, so that you can be registered with the General Dental Council. Once you are registered you can sit any of our Dental Training Courses as long as you meet the required eligibilities for each individual course.

If you have already been registered as a Dental Nurse under the General Dental Council, and then graduated in different practices, we offer a wide range of post-graduate courses for ur more experienced, senior students. Courses in Dental Radiology are available, as well as advanced sedation courses and much more.

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