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Dental Nurse Course

We offer 2 dental nurse courses in Dental Nursing a Basic Introduction to Dental Nursing course and a full fledged National Diploma in Dental Nursing. View the dental nursing courses below.

National Diploma in Dental Nursing

Our comprehensive one-year diploma in Dental Nursing covers the complete NEBDN syllabus. Dental Arch is an Accredited Training Centre for the NEBDN. We ensure you get the best dental nurse training, whilst offering highly competitive rates.

We have highly experienced tutors with a passion for teaching, who are skilled in getting the best from our dental nurse students. We adopt modern hi-tech facilities for lectures, with robust exam prep and additional tuitions classes without any extra charge. Anyone wishing to work as a Dental Nurse in the UK is required to complete this course and register with GDC.

We will guide and support you from the very first step. To join the National Diploma in Dental Nursing you do not need to be working in a dental practice. It is legality from GDC that if a student wants to work as a trainee dental nurse they should be enrolled on a diploma course. After we have enrolled you on the course, we can issue a confirmation letter stating that you are on the course and can be hired as trainee dental nurses. We will help find you a placement as a trainee nurse in Dental practice during the course as a completion requirement. Upon completion of the diploma, students receive a degree from NEBDN and get registered with GDC. CPD hrs for this course can be counted after becoming qualified.

Who is it for?

The National Diploma in Dental Nursing opens up many new doors, giving you both the opportunity for further dentistry education and access to an array of different jobs related to dentistry. This course is ideal for anyone…

  • - Looking to change their career
  • - Wanting to become a dental hygienist
  • - Seeking the flexibility to work, full time, part time or around a family
  • - Of any age
  • - Ready to professionalize their career
  • - Wishing to learn and earn

Who is it for?

  • ​GDC guidelines
  • Health and safety
  • Legal and ethical
  • Radiology
  • Infection control
  • Anatomy of tooth and basic anatomy
  • Microbiology and pathology
  • Oral diseases
  • Patient and management
  • Assessing patients health and treatment planning
  • Oral health promotion and preventive diseases
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Oral surgery
  • Orthodontic procedures
  • Dentally related drugs, materials and instruments


You need to understand, write and read English..
There is no previous experience or background of dentistry required.
You can come from any field.

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Introduction to Dental Nursing

The Introduction To Dental Nursing is for students who are not sure if they are ready for the National Diploma in Dental nursing. This short course provides the basics required before joining as a trainee dental nurse or a decontamination nurse and will help you to explore the content and scope of dental nursing. You cannot start working as a Dental Hygienist following completion of the Introduction to Dental Nursing course. A National Diploma in Dental Nursing and GDC registration are legally required. This course gives you an insight into what benefits you can receive by being qualified and registered with GDC after doing a Nation Diploma in Dental Nursing.

Our qualified tutors are there to answer your questions and help you clarify your doubts. We aim to give you the knowledge and confidence to start achieving your career aims at this first step. Our tutors are specially trained to give guidance and motivation for students exploring new ways of qualifying as a dental care professional.

Who is it for?

We would highly recommend the Introduction to Dental Nursing course if you...

  • ​Are enrolled in a dental nurses training course that has not yet begun, and would like an appropriate induction to dental nursing so you can start work in the interim.
  • Are considering a career in dental nursing and would like a better understanding of what the job involves.
  • Are a qualified dental nurse seeking to want a refresher course
  • Are a qualified dental nurse returning to practice after a career break.
  • Want to explore new options to kick start your career.

If you are unsure which course is best for you, call one of our expert advisors at 07577437748

Topics Covered

  • What is involved in dental nursing?
  • Interview tips
  • Basic knowledge about instruments and materials
  • Legal and ethical
  • Health and safety
  • Infection control
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Charting & Radiology
  • Medical emergencies
  • Scope of practice


No previous experience or background in dentistry is required.
You need not be enrolled in the National Diploma in Dental Nursing.
You can come from any field.

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