Basic Life Support Training

(Also called CPR Course)

Life Support Overview

Dental Arch Nurse Training Centre provides a number of high-quality training courses for aspiring dental nurses, dental therapists and dental hygienists in Winchester. Our life support training course will touch on the basics of life support within health and dental care. Our Basic Life Support training is carried out by experienced professionals in the field.

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Virtual/Online Classes
Last Saturday of each month
£ 50.00

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Our dental nursing courses cover all aspects of patient care and dental care, from dental procedures, GDC (General Dental Council) guidelines, dental surgery, infection control and everything in between, on your journey to becoming a fully qualified dental nurse.

The course costs £50 and is carried out on the last Saturday of each month at Bradbury House in Durngate, Winchester. It is a three-hour hands-on course for medically related professionals to enhance and advance in their clinical skills within their work environment. There will be formative assessments at the end of the course.

The Resuscitation lead for the course is Dr Raj, a Consultant of emergency medicine in Winchester and Basingstoke and the Director of Resuscitation Council.

At our life support training course, we cover the following topics: 

The Theory of Resuscitation

You will learn the necessary skills in resuscitating a patient, as well as the theory of how the specific skills you learn will help the patient. 

Incident Management

You will learn the value of managing unplanned incidents or service interruption, and the skills to restore the current situation to an operational state.

Basic Life Support

This will be the core topic of the course. Basic life support will look into providing you with the right skills in ensuring that you have the knowledge to prevent any life-threatening events regarding dental or health. 

Recovery Position  

This topic covers the right, optimal position that patients will need to be in for certain situations. An essential topic to cover as recovery position is vital and slightly wrong alterations can prove to be life-threatening.

Emergency Conditions & Drugs

This topic will cover the appropriate guidelines in utilising drugs for patients, and the necessary skills to use them during practice. 

Use of Defibrillator

Similar to the topic “Emergency Conditions & Drugs”, this particular topic will ensure that you can use the defibrillator correctly in the right situation.

Why Choose Our Life Support Training Course

The benefits of using our accredited course for life support training include certified teaching methods, plenty of options for other types of training in dentistry, and a highly interactive learning platform for those wanting to become experienced in dentistry or to improve their skills within the dental profession.


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