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Dental Nurse Implant Course

Our Dental Nurse Implant Course is a highly advanced, specialised course that covers topics regarding dental nurse implants. Implant dental skills are a type of speciality in the dentistry field, which has recently increased in popularity across the UK and overseas. Combining surgical expertise with restorative dentistry, implant dentistry helps rebuild dentition.

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Why Attend Our Dental Implant Nursing Course?

At Dental Arch, our Dental Nursing Implant Course is designed to enhance the knowledge of trainee and qualified dental nurses. Implant Dentistry is a rewarding, but challenging topic to learn, and our course can successfully integrate the knowledge of the different topics of implant dentistry in dental nurses. 

This course will award you with a nationally recognised qualification of NEBDN Certificate to officially qualify as a dental nurse specialising in dental implants. 

Our Dental Implant Nursing Course offers the confidence in understanding implant dentistry. 

Location Dates Cost
Anywhere in uk - online virtual course
Online virtual classes on Microsoft teams for 8 months intake in Jan and July each year.
£500 + Exam fees
Duration of course – 8 months
Classes are held on every First Saturday of the month from 2:00 pm

Learning Outcomes

This dental implant nursing course will allow you to…

Demonstrate an understanding of the role in dentistry.

Demonstrate the knowledge to assist with effective dental implant work.

Demonstrate a critical understanding of the issues regarding the scientific basis of dental implants.

Demonstrate effective and safe dental implant nursing.

Understand limitations, benefits and risks of dental implant techniques.

Develop empathy with patients and demonstrate ability to communicate effectively with patients.

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If you are interested in partaking in our dental implant courses or any other dental nurse training programmes, then please get in touch. Our dental training courses are available in London and Winchester.

How will we be assessed?

You will be assessed via exams, and will test your knowledge in both the theoretical and practical knowledge of implant dentistry.

Examination Location & Dates

Our examination takes place in March and September of each year, and is usually held in Winchester and Birmingham.

Our Team

Our course team is dedicated to bringing you an advanced training course that will ensure you gain the knowledge and confidence in implant dentistry. 

With highly respected and experienced dentists leading each of our courses, we can provide you with professional, quality support and guidance for aspiring dental nurses, dental therapists and dental hygienists. 

How To Apply 

If you are interested in learning with Dental Arch, please get in touch with us using the contact number below: 

Tel; 07577 437748 

Our dental training courses are available in London and Winchester. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

The specific Dental Nursing Implant Course certificate allows you to learn the foundations of the subject, and prepares you for the practical application of implant dentistry overall. 

This certificate will also allow you to be recognised as an expert in topics surrounding dental implants, increasing your authority among other private or public dental organizations.  

At Dental Arch, we understand the value and importance of safety for our students. We have implemented a variety of COVID-19 measures to ensure the safety of everyone attending our courses. For more information, please email us at

The main qualification for a dental nurse is a Level 3 diploma. This is equal to the highest level of qualification among any industry, which outlines the fundamentality of dentistry in the UK.

You will be taught by qualified, expert instructors that have accumulated years of experience within the dental industry.

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