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Dental Radiography Course

Dental Arch Nurse Training is a fully accredited college providing Post-graduation course in Dental Radiography for Qualified dental nurses. All our dentistry course training is carried out by a highly respected and experienced dental team, experienced in radiographer training courses and in the dental field.

The radiographer course will cover topics in accordance with the NEBDN (National Examining Board for Dental Nurses) curriculum. Once qualified, the person will be registered with the Society and College of Radiographers.

The Course is available to take in London or Winchester. The duration of the course is 8 months and classes are held on every first Saturday of the month from 2:00 pm. The course in Winchester takes place in January and July. The London case takes place in January. The cost of the course is £595 plus the examination fee. The examination takes place in March and September every year and is held in our centre in Winchester and in Birmingham.

What qualifications do you need to be a Radiographer?

There are some Radiographer Qualifications criteria in order to qualify to take our Dental Nurse Radiography course. Dental Qualifications and Entry requirements include:

Who is the course for?

The Dental Radiology course is for GDC registered dental nurses, dental therapists and dental hygienists who want training in providing diagnostic radiographs in general dental practice. With radiology courses, dental nurses can then become more involved with patient care, diagnosis and treatment planning.

Radiography for Dental Nurses Course overview

The BDA radiography course for dental nurses teaches dental professionals how to safely use X-rays and take intra-oral and extra-oral radiograph images of patients.

Once the course is complete, the dental professional will receive a NEBDN Certificate in Dental Radiography and become a member of the Society of Radiographers. This certificate and the skills gained from completing this training will enhance the dental professional's CV.

Course Aims & Objectives

The Dental Nurse Radiography courses will cover the following areas:

Radiation Physics

The principles of radiation physics and protection.

Radiation Protection

Current legislation and safe practice with regards to dental photography.

X-ray apparatus and equipment

Safe use of dental x-ray apparatus and equipment.

Film types, intensifying screens, darkroom requirements and processing

Film types and their uses.

Digital imaging

Intraoral, extraoral and digital x-rays and demonstrate competency through the completion of an exam.


The examination for the Radiography Dental Nurse Course is composed of two sections:

If you have any queries or require any further information about our Dental Radiography courses or any other dental nursing courses, then please get in touch or fill in our online application form. With courses in London and Winchester, we're easily accessible for dental care professionals based in Hampshire, Portsmouth, Berkshire & Milton Keynes.